Learn about the issues that your neighbors in the Southwest care about,
and what David's plans are to improve our community.

Family First

F​​amily is the Backbone of Our Community

David Schoen is a husband and father to three beautiful girls. As parents in our community, he and his wife understand which issues are of utmost importance to our families.

There is nothing more important than making sure our families can look to a safe and prosperous future.

That is why David will keep property taxes low, promote public safety in our neighborhoods, and lead the fight for our veterans so that their sacrifice is never forgotten.

With his unique background and experience, David is the only candidate with a proven record of fighting for families.

Jobs & Economy

Keeping Taxes Low & Cutting Red Tape

Unemployment is now at its lowest point in decades because Nevada has learned that burdensome regulations on small businesses only prove harmful in the long run.

David is committed to supporting pro-business legislation to keep our workforce strong.

Cutting taxes and reducing regulations will help diversify the economy by attracting outside businesses and their jobs to our state.

David is proud to be the only candidate in this district endorsed by business leaders—including the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, Henderson Chamber of Commerce, Latin Chamber of Commerce, and the Nevada chapter of the National Federaion of Independent Business.


Every Child Deserves a Quality Education

Nevada ranks lowest in the nation when it comes to education, and our teachers aren’t properly compensated for the work they do.

David believes in funding education from the classroom up, that teachers’ pay should take priority over administrators.

He will fight for parents’ right to decide the best path for their children’s education and keep our children safe by being proactive in combating school violence.

David is committed to working and finding common-sense solutions to ensure a quality learning environment for our children.

David is the only Assembly candidate in Nevada supported by both the public school teachers’ union and Nevada School Choice.


Families Deserve Affordable & Timely Care

Insurance rates continue to rise and our families have to dig too far into our pockets for health care that should be simple and routine.

Our families’ access to reasonable health care is not a partisan issue, it’s a personal one.

Nevada’s provider shortage means our patients wait longer to see physicians, so they often forego regular checkups that could’ve prevented a future problem.

David is committed to investing in Nevada’s health care and ensuring our patients have access to physicians for the timely, affordable care they need.

Infrastructure & Development

Improvement to Roadways & Community

Our community lacks the grocery stores and gas stations to accommodate our growing population, negatively impacting both the values of our homes and our quality of life.

David intends to fight for appropriate improvement to our major roadways and attract local businesses to appease growing demand.

As our neighbor, David experiences the same problems we do and relates to the frustrations and inconveniences we face every day.

David will work with county officials to ensure we strike a balance between residential, commercial, and recreational property development to the benefit of our community.